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Natural Fibers

The Sustainable Way To Update Your Wardrobe

The fashion industry must resort to natural fibers. The ever growing and evolving demands have led the Earth’s resources to be misused, overused, and deplete. Harmful chemicals have shown their impact on the climate, environment - the flora and fauna, the Mother Earth.

In the coming years, natural fibers will pave the way for fashion industry, and we at IMAIMA strive to be the change makers to make our garments more sustainable. The collections made of natural fabrics not only make the wearer look and feel good, but also make the garments more breathable. We use Azo-free dyes, hand-woven natural fabrics to ensure that we give back to the Mother Earth.

Man-made fabrics are treated with harsh conventional dyes whereas natural fabrics are chemical-free. They come from naturally occurring fibers of plants and animals. Hence, are free of toxins.

IMAIMA - Fabric Sample

Fabric Sample - Khadi in rust, 100% Cotton

Cotton is our favorite natural fabric, which goes into the making of each garment at IMAIMA. The natural attribute of cotton makes the dye hold better than its man-made counterpart.

It is one of the natural fabrics which is biodegradable, durable, easy to care for, and soft. The major concern for a wearer nowadays is that the garment should be free of allergic reactions. Fortunately, the garments made of natural fabrics are hypoallergenic and breathable. They’re extremely lightweight yet provide warmth and protection in multiple ways.

Let’s make a pledge to adorn the garments that are not just good for us but also our Mother Earth, switching to natural fabrics which are renewable and environmentally sustainable.

Click here to see the Collection crafted from natural fibers.

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