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A thoughtful hand crafted collection designed in Berlin.

ÏMAIMA is a fashion brand from Berlin, weaving stories inspired by a woman's life, her identity, and her love for culture. Known for its art, history, culture, vibrant streets, and diversity, Berlin is ÏMAIMA' s prime inspiration. Our collections are a combination of modern fashion silhouettes and middle eastern handcraft embroideries. The ethos of India's tradition of handcrafting and Berlin's art & culture are our core strengths.

IMAIMA's creations comprise unique designs with a strong connection to handcrafted embroideries, Azo-free dyeing and hand-woven fabrics.
Our idea of innovation is to create a design which is fashionable yet sustainable. The garments are made of natural fabrics crafted from 100% cotton and are entirely re-recyclable. At ÏMAIMA, we relentlessly work towards making innovative designs ensuring zero waste. We use our leftover materials for smaller styles or upcoming collections. We aim to produce in limited quantities to ensure that our designs are exclusive, which reduces the cost of storage and minimizes wastage. We intend to work with local artisans from Jaipur to provide them with livelihood, build lasting relationships, and encourage them to grow with us. ÏMAIMA's production process is ethical, from a choice of suppliers to the making, and each piece denotes the hard work of talented artisans.

Our founder and director, Bahhareh, is deeply invested in the idea that empowered women lead to an empowered legacy. What fascinates and inspires her are the stories which are untold; they unfold and unravel in IMAIMA's designer outfits. As a pre-teen, Bahhareh's muse was her father's little fashion store in Berlin, where she took great delight in assisting her father. This could have been the inception of IMAIMA.

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