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Sustainability at IMAIMA

At IMAIMA we relentlessly work towards making innovative designs ensuring zero waste. We use our leftover fabrics to be used for smaller styles or upcoming collections. We aim to produce in limited quantities to ensure that our designs are exclusive, which reduces the cost of storage and minimizes wastage. Our intent is to work with local artisans from Jaipur, in order to provide them livelihood, build a lasting relationship with them, and encourage them to grow with us. We provide fair wages and full-time employment to our artisans. Each person puts their heart into each garment produced and designed at IMAIMA.


Printed SAMAAH dress, made of 100% cotton leftover fabric.

The outfits are made of natural fabrics crafted from 100% cotton and are completely re-recyclable. The outfits created as samples throughout the year are donated to NGOs in Jaipur. Our idea of innovation is to create a design which is fashionable yet sustainable. IMAIMA's production process is ethical from choice of suppliers to the making, and each piece denotes the hard work of talented artisans. We want to make garments with a longer life, so we invest a lot of time as a team for each piece to achieve a high quality product. Packaging is an important part of the new fashion world and our boxes are made of recycled paper to ensure we are fully environment-friendly. We work with the responsibility of giving back to the mother Earth, and thus work in a sustainable way, without harming the environment.


Our packaging is made of 100% recycled paper, hand-made in India.

Our duty is to promote transparency, and invest to develop the fashion industry for the coming generations. In future, we want to establish and develop charitable institutions meanwhile working with possible certifications.



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