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IMAIMA is participating in the Salzburg Auto Show in collaboration with GREENSTYLE Munich. The Munich-based company will bring twenty sustainable brands and their makers to the E-XPO 5020 in Salzburg from March 24th to 26th, 2023, demonstrating various aspects of sustainable fashion.

We at IMAIMA would be showcasing our sustainable collection which stands in alignment with the vision of the show.

If approached correctly, fashion can be a real game changer in the climate crisis. Consistent. Conscious. Respectful. That is why, since 2018, Mirjam Amend and Florens Smend have used GREENSTYLE events to increase the visibility and awareness of sustainable fashion. Trade shows, conferences, a brand directory, and the PUREVIU magazine all provide ample exposure. GREENSTYLE is now making its debut in Salzburg, thanks to the E-XPO 5020.

This time, there is also a small selection of second-hand items in the GREENSTYLE section. Because the longer a piece of clothing circulates and is worn, the more sustainable it becomes.