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On this Fair Trade Day

Fair Trade has been proved to be a sustainable solution for the vulnerable populations to fight against exploitation, economic crisis and spread awareness.

On this Fair Trade Day, let us take you back to what we had in our mind when we were thinking of building a factory for IMAIMA...

our main aim was to work with local, skilled artisans and by putting their skills to use, giving them a chance of employment in their own city, so they can live with their families while they use their skills for work. So we decided to work with local artisans from Jaipur, in order to provide them livelihood, build a lasting relationship with them, and encourage them to grow with us.

The pristine crafts have been revived and acknowledged world over by our clients. We acknowledge our artisans and devotion to their craft. Meet our makers who are skilled in different crafts - hand-embroidery, stitching, fitting, thread work, filigree embroidery and much more. We empower our women makers - their devotion and hard work enables their children to attend school. Without a perfect match of these skill sets from both men and women makers, IMAIMA would not have been where it is today. We are grateful to have a wonderful team that has made IMAIMA in true sense! Our production process is ethical from choice of suppliers to the making, and each piece denotes the hard work of talented artisans.




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