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There is no Planet B

Let's restore our Earth! 🌎

The 2021 Earth Day theme "Restore Our Earth" examines natural processes, emerging green technologies and innovative thinking that can restore the world's ecosystems...

So how can we at IMAIMA contribute to this you may ask? "Every possible way!" is our answer. "25% of the carbon footprint of a garment comes from the way we care for it."

Here are a few ways that we participate in restoring the Earth, now and always:

At IMAIMA we use natural fabrics which means they are chemical-free. They come from naturally occuring fibres of plants and animals, hence are free of toxins. Innovation is key in the world of fashion and to be mindful of the sustainability aspects, when we innovate a design our aim is ZERO WASTE, we ensure that the leftover fabrics are either upcycled to make smaller garments or used in upcoming collections. In our latest project of upcycling, we created beautiful face masks from sample fabrics for Umang Jaipur - an NGO in India.

When garments are shipped most packages are discarded but our idea was to make the packaging sustainable yet luxurious, so people would be tempted to reuse it. Our packages are made of 100% recycled cotton hand-made paper. In the small steps, we saw the big changes... taking us back to the memory lane when IMAIMA was incepted with an aim to create sustainable fashion for women across the globe, we decided to work at some local regions in India where men and women work together, the women working at IMAIMA are equal bread winners. Our garments are designed in Berlin🇩🇪 and made in India🇮🇳 .

We are all children of the Earth and we at IMAIMA will continue to do our bit to make it a better place, will you join us in the journey?