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Sustainable packaging

IMAIMA's Recyclable Packaging Choices

The last time you received that gorgeous dress might have come in a not-so-gorgeous packaging that you disposed off. If you didn’t, you saved the world by one less “packaging waste” but if you did… think about how many such packages are disposed off across the world every single day.

We at IMAIMA continue to promote the ethical fashion by not only sustainably and responsibly producing each garment, but also packaging them in recyclable hand-made boxes.

Our boxes have a magnetic closure and can be easily flattened to stored aside. Reuse them as a gift box or storage box in your office. The hard carton is durable and made of recycled newspaper. 

IMAIMA shipping box

In the new fashion world packaging plays a vital role. Not only for the garment to reach safely to its destination but also to reach someone’s heart. A beautiful garment is eye-catching, when it is warmly wrapped it becomes a gift. But what truly is a gift is when the garment arrives in a package that reminds us of something more warm - Mother Earth. At IMAIMA our vision is to make all the days better and worthwhile with elegant garments which are consciously wrapped by our artisans in recycled handmade boxes.

The packaging adopted at IMAIMA is not only sustainable but also simple yet luxurious. They not only provide protection to the garment but also made of 100% recycled hand-made paper, from the hang tags to the shipping box. We also try to use minimal packaging material and no plastic.

IMAIMA shipping Box-made of 100% recycled textile scraps.

The paper is being made in Jaipur/India. Each sheet is made of 100% cotton textile scraps from local garment and fabric manufacturing industries. They first collect the leftovers, shred them into small pieces and then made into paper pulp so that they can be processed into paper sheets. Learn more about their paper making process here.

Not only our shipping packaging, also our dust bags are made of organic cotton and should be recycled correctly.

Goods made with recycled materials almost always require fewer resources and have a lower carbon footprint to manufacture, because the raw materials being used were already extracted and converted into usable inputs. We believe in a holistic approach to sustainability and it includes everything from garments to packaging. The outfits created as samples throughout the year are donated to NGOs in Jaipur. Also building a framework of sustainability in every aspect creates a ripple effect. Whenever we buy something that is recycled or recyclable, it shows our concern towards a bigger cause.

Now your wardrobe will be lined with garments and handmade packaging boxes you truly love. So, the next time you receive a parcel from IMAIMA, you might want to create an “unboxing video”! Don’t forget to tag us :)

Craft Boat Jaipur - Paper making process