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Valentine’s Day | A Perfect Gift For A Perfect Partner

Celebrate Love With IMAIMA’s sustainable collection

It’s never too early to start getting presents for your sweetheart. Ahead of Valentine's Day we’ve curated a unique list of exquisite presents for your darling. Grab her favorite pair of trousers or the dress she always wanted, because one more dress never hurt anybody! Add a touch of elegance to your attire, here are a couple of add-ons:

Do you find more scarves in her closet than anything? Pick the silk LAYA scarf from IMAIMA’s collection. The scarf is blended in an extremely lightweight weave, featuring an ombre pattern and rolled edges.

“Purple is not just a color!” she said. Yes, we are familiar with the feeling! :) A purple stone covered with golden layer is a head-turner!

IMAIMA’s SHABAH necklace comes with a fine chain that can be adjusted to be worn at differing lengths.

If you’re still unsure of the outfit, get your hands on the ZIBA one-shoulder blouse for your date. With elegant and romantic ruffles, the blouse can be paired with flared trousers or jeans and accessorized with earrings to complete its look.

Still looking for a timeless present?

Don’t worry we have you covered… take a look at our hand-embroidered collection and add a touch of warmth with these exquisite and elegant hand-embroidered garments.