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Celebrate the beginning of Spring with us

Nowruz Mubarak! 🌺

It's spring time and as we enter into nature's beautiful way of renewing itself, let us take a moment to sit back and be grateful for all that we have and take little time to renew ourselves - emotionally, mentally, physically, financially or renew our wardrobe...whichever it may be for you. A new spring has come, a new ray of hope and positivity is shining. As some of us had a difficult 2020, we pray that 2021 brings more sunshine!

Coming together to celebrate looks even more sweet after months of separation from loved ones. Let this Nowruz be a reason to celebrate more, adorn an outfit from our spring collection and set out with your family and friends to sing, dance and celebrate the love! It is also time when the trees shed their old leaves and grow new ones, so let us grow new habits, more positivity and endless encouragement for those striving to be different. May the spring season be a joyful one for all of us!

To celebrate this special Eid with you, we present to you an exclusive 25% discount coupon which will be announced every day on IMAIMA's Instagram.

It will be valid from 24 hours of announcement, so stay tuned to our Instagram for the daily discount.

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