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Christmas Gift Guide For Slow Fashion Lovers From ÏMAIMA

Hand-embroidered Shadiyah Velvet Jumper

Everyone who loves slow fashion knows the importance of a perfect gift guide to create the ideal ensemble without causing an unnecessary burden on the environment. So every time slow fashion lovers look at a daily inspiration on the internet, they ensure they have a capsule wardrobe with essentials they can mix and match. We are an ethical and sustainable fashion brand that strives to create gift ideas that will last a lifetime. Hence, all the fabrics we use are natural, made of natural dyes and sustainable. So here is a simple yet sophisticated gift guide from ÏMAIMA:

Do you prefer the retro style but feel that it is lacking something? We've got you covered! Add a touch of sophistication and glamour to your vintage look with the Nura earrings, which are incredibly simple to care for with a dry towel.

We all love scarves, but a hand-woven and hand-spun scarf from India is a keepsake! Grab ÏMAIMA's Kamra Scarf made of chunky hand-woven cotton and Amba scarf made with delicate thread and needlework.

Double Hoop Sezgi Earring

Sometimes it may seem like you have checked the entire internet space to look for a standout earring - grab the double hoop Sezgi earrings to create an ensemble with the velvet Aminah jumper or the Roya jacket.

Roya Velvet Jacket, Shani Top and Hand-Embroidered Shadiyah Jumper

The velvet Shadiyah jumper with hand embroidery on the frills is the starry jumper that can be paired with the Aina necklace showcasing detailed statement coins!

So which of these is at the top of your list? Let us know in the comments below! With this concise yet practical gift guide, you can channel your inner fashion icon in no time!

Did you know we offer gift wrapping? Just leave a note at checkout. We pack everything in Eco-friendly gift wrap made of 100% recycled paper.

ÏMAIMA Team's Picks

We know how hard it can be to choose on the perfect present for your loved ones. To make it a little easier, we’ve hand-picked a selection of luxury hand-crafted gifts for him and her – from shiny soft velvets, to hand-woven winter scarves – that are certain to impress.