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It’s time for some color 💛🧡💚❤️💜

Happy Holi! 🌈

The very thought of Holi brings enthusiasm - the mind gets transported to the tasty treats of gujiyas, ghewars, thandai and lots of color. This Holi we thought of curating a list of vibrant garments that you can adorn at your Holi party!

Check out these bright shades of tops from IMAIMA or create a minimalist look with a MEY blouse and SEFA skirt. Pick a colorway of shining red or yellow ZIBA blouse and pair it with flared trousers or jeans. If you would love to completely ditch lowers and be comfortable while you enjoy the thandai and gujiya, pick the HELEN shirt dress in orange or blue color. If your love for skirts is never-ending, grab the radiant orange or yellow SEFA midi skirt and if you love a little ruffle, pick the dazzling pink or yellow colorway of the TIANA ruffled skirt.

This Holi, regardless of what you choose to grab from IMAIMA's collection, don't forget to grab a little bit of gulaal and smear yourself and others with colors of love! May your Holi and entire year be filled with hues of joy and enthusiasm!



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Happy Holi 💜💛🤍💙🧡💚❤️💗